Node.js v6 has been released on 26th Apr and it’s ready to use. And in it’s latest release it supports 93% of ES6 language features. It’s announced that in October of this year v6 will be new active LTS, and will continue to be supported actively until April of 2018. If you are new to Node.js LTS plan, you can read more about how it works.

Node.js v4 ‘Argon’ is current LTS stream, and it will be supported until April of 2017, after which it will transition into Maintenance LTS.

You can see the list of changes made from v5 to v6 here. The general rule suggested for deciding which version of Node.js to use is:

  • Stay on or upgrade to Node.js v4 (currently at v4.4.3) if you need stability and have a complex production environment.
  • Upgrade to Node.js v6 if you have the ability to upgrade versions quickly and want to play with the latest features as they arrive.