The high competitive nature in the smartphone world is forcing manufacturers to constantly innovate and push the boundaries when it comes to turning revolutionary concepts into working reality. It’s no secret that foldable smartphones are seen as a potential game changer for the handheld world, but it is largely unknown when we could experience such technology.

Recent reports have confirmed that Samsung Electronics. Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ:SSNLF) is one of the few players in the industry actively seeking to introduce a foldable smartphone. Also, the Korea-based tech giant has already applied for a new patent regarding a foldable smartphone concept. Designs for such a working foldable device were leaked earlier, so the idea could soon become a reality.

Unfortunately, a new report from Korea Herald suggests that Samsung is nowhere near releasing a foldable smartphone. Although it has applied for a patent in this regard, but the company is taking a cautious approach before making any attempts at innovation.

The report elaborates that Samsung wants to leave no stones unturned when it assesses the demand of foldable smartphones in the market. The tech giant wants to know exactly how users feel about such a handheld launching; in other words, the project would involve a lot of market research that could result in months – or perhaps even years – before we see the final product.

Interestingly, the report states that the South Korean company has already developed the technology required to make foldable smartphones a reality. Moreover, the tech titan is believed to be in a position where it can easily mass develop roll out such a device by late-2017.

However, the technology required for a foldable smartphone device does not come cheap which is why Samsung is being extra cautious. Not to forget the marks and financial damage left behind by its Galaxy Note 7; hence, it cannot afford to make any more blunders.

What are your thoughts about a foldable Samsung smartphone or a foldable smartphone at all? Would you be interested in ditching your existing handheld to grab such a product if it was due release anytime soon? Comment below to let us know.