When sharing digital files created in MS Office you usually convert them to PDF first. This has become a standard procedure, since the PDF format ensures the document stays intact when opened on another computer. That way, your files can be properly viewed and shared on any platform and device.

However, when it comes to modifying specific content in a PDF, people usually have another type of software that they use — a PDF converter. Since the PDF is a non editable format, these conversion tools are often necessary as it’s difficult to work with data trapped inside your PDF. And with the embedded editors within the software, you can now edit any PDF content on the spot, with immediately visible changes.

One such product, that combines all the main features that a PDF user might need, is the recently released Able2Extract Pro 11. It supports creating and converting to and from a wide range of formats, but it is also known and used for PDF editing purposes.

The editing process is easy and simple for any computer user, amateur or tech-savvy. The following two tutorials will show how you can quickly edit and annotate any PDF in just a couple of clicks.

1. How to Edit a PDF Document

After installing Able2Extract Professional 11 here, you need to:

  1. Select a PDF file that you would like to edit.
  2. Click on “Edit” to enter its editing mode.
  3. Use the editing panel to perform various page and content changes

If you notice, a separate Redaction feature allows you to hide any sensitive information by blacking out words, sentences, paragraphs or entire pages of that matter.

2. How to Annotate PDF Content

Able2Extract 11th version includes different PDF annotations that can be accessed at the tool’s right side. You can annotate PDFs just by clicking on one of the available annotation methods:

  • Add comments
  • Insert sticky notes
  • Highlight paragraphs
  • Underline and strikeout text
  • Put stamps and watermarks
  • Create hyperlinks and attachments

Besides this, Able2Extract is a comprehensive PDF converter that supports conversion up to 10 editable formats. With an improved OCR engine, it can turn any scanned PDF into a fully editable file. That’s including:

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Image
  • AutoCAD
  • HTML
  • CSV and more

Able2Extract comes with two plans: monthly or lifetime. The 30-day subscription goes for $34.95 and if you would like to grab a lifetime, single payment license, the price is $149.95.