Each operating system or application comes with many hidden features. In this article we are going to discuss top 10 tricks of MacOS which can help you in many ways.

1. More options

In MacOS while clicking on menu bar icons, if you will hold alt or option key, it will display more options. For example, if you will click on audio icon while holding the alt key, it will list input and output device selection along with direct shortcut to open Sound Preferences.

2. Proxy icons

In a document-based application (like Finder, TextEdit, Preview, Pages…), after a document has been saved, a proxy icon for the document appears in the title bar. It represent the file itself, and can be likewise manipulated:

  • click it for a few seconds and drag to another application to open it, or to the desktop/Finder if you want to copy/move it, etc…
  • ⌘-click (or control-click, or right-click) it to view the path menu, useful to open the folder or any subfolders of the file in the Finder.
  • ⌘-click on the titlebar in Safari can help you easily move up the directory structure of a web site, too!
  • Since Mountain Lion you can edit the document titles.

Directly open Spotlight search by hitting Cmd + space. In this you can search local files, something from dictionary or calculate something quickly.

4. Type suggestions

While typing, just press F5 to get suggestions for what you’re typing (almost equivalent to spell-check suggestions). This will not work if you are using any application which overrides F5 action, for eg- Sublime Text.

5. Command line speech synthesizer

You can use say command to do so. It’s just like festival if you have used ever on any linux flavour. Example usages-

$ say Hello from Computer Knowledge

6. Prevent sleep

Running pmset noidle or caffeinate in terminal will help you in preventing Mac to sleep after inactive interval. If you want to disable it, simply exit the process by hitting Ctrl + c.

7. Typing accented letter

If you need to type an accented letter like “é” or “ñ” just press and hold the corresponding letter on your keyboard and a little popup will appear with numbered letters with accents. You can also click the letter of your choice.

8. Hiding running application

On the Dock, click on the application icon with holding alt or option key.

9. Move files to new folder

In Finder, select any number of files. Press ⌘ + ctrl + N to automatically have them moved to a new folder.

Great if you forgot to create a new folder before selecting files, and in general.

10. Reverse command history

Just like linux terminals, in MacOS command line you can hit Cmd + r to reverse lookup and auto complete commands from the history.

11. Navigation

While you are using ⌘ + ⇥ to cycle through open applications, you can press Q before you release to close the app. You can close several apps before release .

Oh we promissed to discuss 10 tricks but here we got 1 more. :) Anyways if you know any hacks or so called tricks, please share in comments.