There might be a situation when you want to see conflict without merging branches. Doing this on any online dashboard(like github, bitbucket or gitlab) is simple, let’s see how we can do this without modifying any file locally.

Suppose you are on the master branch and you would like to test if the dev branch can be merged without conflict into the master.

# In the master branch
git merge dev --no-ff --no-commit

After that, you will be able to know if there’s a conflict or not.

To return in a normal situation, just abort the merge:

git merge --abort

According to the git documentation:

  • –ff Do not generate a merge commit if the merge resolved as a fast-forward, only update the branch pointer. This is the default behavior.
  • -no-ff Generate a merge commit even if the merge resolved as a fast-forward.
  • –commit Perform the merge and commit the result. This option can be used to override –no-commit.
  • –no-commit With –no-commit perform the merge but pretend the merge failed and do not autocommit, to give the user a chance to inspect and further tweak the merge result before committing.